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An Introduction for Quzhou No.2 High School


Quzhou No. 2 High School was founded in l953. It is one of the new types of key construction project schools during the first five-year-plan after the establishment of People's Republic of China. It is one of the l8 top-rated high schools in Zhejiang province. It is a first-rated school of Zhejiang province. It is a first batch model high school with special features. It is a school of Tsinghua University’s “the new leading plan in 100 years”. It is a school that Beijing University accept students who is recommended by our school’s principal.


Quzhou No.2 High School holds a people-oriented school-running idea, with the aim at enhancing the degree of teachers’ and students’ inner pleasure and happiness, holding on their happy mood, inner voice, and warm harbor, and making them have an open nature, a broad mind and a noble culture. It has a talented multidisciplinary faculty, including five special grade teacher, two professors of senior teachers, two professional senior chers, twenty six distinguished teachers of Quzhou City, and thirty excellent academic leaders and members of academic associations in respective subjects of Quzhou City and Zhejiang province. And some of them have been highly honored, like being elected the representative of 17th CPC Conference and winning awards such as the National May 1st Labor Medal, Teacher of Excellent Achievement of Zhejiang, the National Award for Excellence in Teaching and the National Top Educational Worker Award. The results of students’ College Entrance Examinations are consistently among the best in Zhejiang. In 2005, for example, XuYujing was ranked the top 1 arts student in Zhejiang. Each year, more than l0 students are admitted into Tsinghua University, Peking University, top universities in Hong Kong and famous universities in Singapore which provide public expense.


Quzhou No. 2 High School is dedicated to making a campus filled with Confucianism, promoting international understanding and practicing a green and low carbon life and makes these features part of school culture. Relying on the base to cultivate the innovating talents of Quzhou and the special-featured educational base of pupils’ mental health, Quzhou No.2 High School spares no efforts to nourish students’ elegant nature, open heart, green idea, spirit of innovation and healthy mind, improving students’ literacy in an all-round way. “Quzhou No.2 Speech Hall” sets up lectures on special topics, and thus enrich students’ knowledge inside and outside class and broaden their horizons. It has exchanged teachers with Red Wing, US, the AYC organization of the US and the GAP organization of the UK. It was elected to the World Famous Middle School Association. Up till now, it has sent more than 20 teachers to the US and the UK, who stayed there for at least half a year. Every year, it organizes overseas summer camps for students to go to the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Japan and so on, letting them experience the culture of a different country and comprehend international feelings. 


Quzhou No.2 High School is a national civilized unit, a national modern education technology experimental school, a national base for the International Chinese Promotion and  Zhejiang’s Training Center for Foreign Students, a provincial model collective, a provincial base for eco-culture. Highly recognized both within and beyond the province, Quzhou No. 2 High School has won numerous prizes and awards in different fields, including National Advanced Unit in school democratic management, National Advanced Unit in Moral Education, National Advanced School in building a harmonious campus, National Model School in foreign language teaching, National Advanced Unit in School Physical Education and Mass Physical Education, National Excellent School in implementing school physical education regulations,  National Model School in the Chinese Language standardization, National Advanced Collective in School Library Management, the National Golden Prize for Construction of a Positive School Culture, National Brand School in Administrative Innovation, Top 100 National Specialized School and so on.